Blue Devils in India

Nice piece in the 10/16/08 WSJ re Duke University, including its MBA program, trying to break into the heavy regulated and currently very protectionist educational market in India (Duke Expands India Offerings As U.S. Schools Seek Foothold).

Note their unconventional initial market entry strategy — lobby the Indian regulators to help them move India forward in the area of education and competition. This relates directly to your law, ethics and corporate governance, and strategy course. These guys, the Blue Devils, know more than just good basketball.

Note also the chart re: the dispersion of top universities in the world. The US, has lots. Japan and China, have a decent number. India, not yet many in terms of volume. But with as many bright, talented and English speaking young people that India has (unlike China whose demographics suggest it will grow old before it grows rich), such favorable demographics will create huge opportunities, winners, and yes, some losers in the educational sector in India.

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