Monthly Archives: December 2009

Is the Indian Auto Industry ready for the Big League?

The history of the Indian automotive manufacturing industry begins with Ashok Leyland. Raghunandan Saran founded this company in 1948 at the urging of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Early in its history, Ashok Leyland produced cars for British … Continue reading


Is the Money Enough to Clean the Ganges?

The river Ganges flows from an ancient Himalayan glacier and runs over 1500 miles through the country of India until it empties into the Bay of Bengal. It is considered holy to Hindus, and on its banks resides the city … Continue reading


Hollywood versus Bollywood

One of my favorite activities during my leisure time is to go see movies at the theater. I love movies for their visual, emotional, and artistic impact. The main sources of movies I have seen come from Hollywood, California. Hollywood … Continue reading


Major League Baseball to be the Next Big Thing in India! Are you kidding me?

Initially, I wanted to comment on the other post about the possibility of Major League Baseball being the next big thing in India. I decided to post on the blog instead, as I would also like to introduce the new … Continue reading


Clogging the Brain Drain

A major concern for India over the last several decades has been the migration of India’s most talented and knowledgeable citizens overseas. One needs just a visit to places like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and most especially California’s Silicon Valley … Continue reading


Is India the Root of All Music?

Back in college, I was dropped from all of my elective classes, and in a desperate attempt to fill up my schedule, I decided to take a class on ethnomusicology – the music of Africa and the Middle East. The … Continue reading