Food Map of India

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7 Responses to Food Map of India

  1. Chase Janvrin says:

    Best blog post ever!

  2. Chris Carr says:

    I’m hungry. Good post.

  3. Jeff says:

    I can hardly wait. I’ve only tasted a tiny fraction of the treats displayed.

  4. I look forward to trying them all. Bring on the dysentery!

  5. Tim Lynds says:


  6. Chris Phippen says:

    Looks fantastic! I’m taking notes for all the “Must try:” for our destinations. Or at least I was until I read Fred’s response…

  7. Yuxiang Gao says:

    As an old saying in China ‘To the people foodstuff is all-important’.
    seriously, this is the best post for ever!!!

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