Cisco Systems By Amy McDougall and Bryan deRegt

Cisco Systems By Amy McDougall and Bryan deRegt

Cisco systems is a well known company to us from them being a major player in the US market and headquartered in San Jose, California. They design, manufacture, and sell networking equipment as their main line of business. On top of this, they have made a big initiative and new branding to be a company trying to connect the unconnected.

Going into the company visit, we did not know a lot about Cisco India. We new general facts like their software development center is located in Bangalore, it began in 1995, and had gone under a strong period of growth. However, we did not know much about what separated Cisco India from Cisco in the United States that we were used to besides an idea we came across that Cisco India was about driving innovations and products to be taken to other markets not just catering to the Indian market. One project that we found really interesting was Cisco’s Educated Enabled Development program. The idea behind this program kept with Cisco’s “Internet of Everything” theme as they tried to provide two way communications for teachers in India so they could reach students miles away. Hopefully, this would allow more and better education for children of rural areas.

When we arrived at the company, we were very impressed. Our visit began with a presentation on Cisco that focused on their cloud technologies and Cisco wanted to connect everything. When considering people, objects, and things, 99.4% of the world is still unconnected to the Internet. This includes items like the building air conditioning or medical equipment a doctor would use. Cisco hopes to change that and believes there will be fifty billion IP enabled devices by 2020. Cisco even has designs and some demo runs of an entire city being on a network so in the future instead of ever having to look for a parking space, your GPS could direct you straight to the closest available spot.

After the presentation, we got the opportunity to demo and see some of Cisco’s technologies. First, we got to see Cisco’s TelePresence. The idea is to enable conference room meetings between people all over the world. Our group was separated into two rooms but through the video and design of the room, it was just as easy as any meeting around a table. Next, we were able to see a health center that they have available in some clinics. Many medical tools are available there that with a nurse/paramedics help will send your medical readings to the doctor who is video conferencing from anywhere in the world. This new way of providing medical attention allows for people in rural areas to meet with a doctor anywhere and one day we could all never have to leave our house to see a doctor. Finally, we saw a room they designed where as soon as you login or swipe your card, the room will turn on the air conditioning to your set temperature, turn on the lights, load you personal files and pages onto the computer, and even raise the automatic blinds. This new technology was mentioned for in meeting rooms or even possibly in hotels so people traveling can easily have there whole life connected even on the road. Finally, we saw Cisco’s new kiosks that are in New York currently. Instead of just an advertisement, people now can stop at the kiosk and actually shop for the items they see without needing to find and go to that store.

Overall, Cisco’s technologies were very impressive and gave a glimpse into what our future may be in the next decade. Cisco made it clear that their core business is still selling routers but this new technology will definitely allow them to help us have a more convenient, connected life in the future.

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