Imports and Exports between China and India by Sam Kligman

Unfortunately, there is very little reciprocity between China and India when it comes to the export of goods. In 2011, exports from China to India reached $43.5 billion by exports from India back to China for only $19.6 billion. This makes people, such as the chairman of Bharat Heavy Electricals, very worried about India’s future dependence on China. He says, “Without a duty to control Chinese imports, we will continue to lean on cheaper, unproven equipment instead of building our own technology and our own industry.” However, it would seem that this is not only an Indian problem but American problem as well as both governments may join together to submit a complaint to the World Trade Organization about Chinese companies allegedly dumping cheap government-subsidized product into industries to knock out foreign competitors in their own markets. Needless to say this is a serious issue and the likelihood of the claims being true are fairly high judging by China’s past history and lack of reliability. The question is – will America and India begin erecting trade barriers to stop China from dumping or are they too hooked on cheap Chinese products step up and make such bold decisions?

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