India coming to America by Sam Kligman

In order for Indian businesses provide competitive services for American clients there has been a recent phenomenon of reverse outsourcing. That is to say $27.7 billion were spent by Indian firms to move some of their operations to the US for “faster customer support.” These firms argue that it “pays for Indian companies to hire some Americans, even though they’re more expensive.” Ironically, this has caused American technology firms to compete directly with these Indian firms for “tech talent” in the US because there is seemingly not enough of it. To further support this claim the article addresses the fact that some Indian outsourcers like MindTree have actually opened up software development centers in the USA. Meanwhile, it seems as if this trend is leaving behind the many capable Indians who are talented in tech just because of the difficulty of obtaining foreign visas. This role reversal is interesting to see but as an American I am happy that some jobs are now returning to our country. Still there is a greater issue at hand here and that is – what will the American workforce be doing in the near future? It has been projected that many Americans will become knowledge workers but after having read this article I’m not so certain who will really end up behind the steering wheel of progress anymore.

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