India’s MBA Candidates Face Daunting Odds by Sam Kligman

This article discusses how India’s current MBA candidates are having a harder time seeing a return on investment in their business education. This was ironic to me because I read it just after having read The Elephant and the Dragon by Robyn Meredith which discusses how Americans should be worried because their Indian and Chinese counterparts have the potential to take away jobs because of their willingness to work for less. However, based on the information the article presented it seems as if Indian students are having an equally difficult time finding placement. In fact, the article claims that, “even top-tier schools like the Indian School of Business…have extended their job placement season indefinitely because only 57% of students have found jobs.” Moreover, the potential for landing top salaried jobs outside India has shrunk significantly and this year the best international offer an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta was offered topped out at roughly $87,000 down from last year’s peak of $280,000. I can empathize with Indian MBAs about the competitiveness of the current job market; however, I feel it is worthy to note that most of these salaries are still well above those of other professions. Still, I am hoping that the signs of slow steady economic recovery we have been seeing recently will soon have trickle-down effects on the American and Indian job market and that this dismal situation will shortly be reversed.

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