Low-Cost Virus Vaccines in India by Sam Kligman


To combat the rotavirus, one of the leading causes of childhood death, the government has announced that it will be selling a vaccine for $1 a dose. Every year the virus kills roughly half a million children worldwide. With the cost significantly lower than it otherwise would be, I expect more children will be able to be immunized. After presenting the history of how the vaccine was developed in New Delhi through a public-private partnership, it drew the conclusion that “broad cooperation reduced research costs for the manufacture and helped keep the vaccine and expensive.” I personally tend to believe that partnerships like this should be encouraged to develop technologies that save lives; especially in countries like India where there is great need. It would have been nice if the article all had gone into further depth about how this partnership structured but that would probably have taken several more pages explain. It would also have been nice if it had shared how it plans to reach the children affected that do not live in India. Still, this is a great example of how businesses and government should and can work together toward social responsibility and based on India’s family like culture; it does not surprise me that it is a trendsetter in this field.

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