Mandhana – Being Human Store Recap By Sam Kligman and Marc O’Bryan

Our tour of the Being Human store, led by executive manager, Manish Mandhana, revealed another example of an enterprising Indian company. The idea behind the Being Human brand is to promote improvements to education and health among the lower income population, especially children. This registered charitable organization is actively supported by Salman Khan, a famous Bollywood actor and philanthropist, who partnered with Mandhana to create a new cause marketing campaign. He even went so far as to put his own money toward the new venture.

Manish Mandhana made some very insightful remarks about the store’s brand and the causes it supports. His vision was inspirational in the sense that his brand focuses first on people by providing them with better education and healthcare. Externally, the company contributes a generous portion of their profits to various causes. Internally, the company strives to follow its mission to help less fortunate people by employing physically disabled workers. The brand has a goal to have at least one “100% able-bodied” employee working at each store, which we found to be a very noble endeavor. The company also uses organically grown cotton, and plans to increase its usage of these “green” materials by 5% each year. Another noteworthy cause supported by Mandhana is to empower women through its hiring practices by maintaining a workforce that is made up of 70% women.

Currently the Being Human brand is featured in several countries outside of India, which is aligned with Mandhana’s goal of also branching out internationally. The Being Human brand has seen tremendous success locally and abroad, which is what drives their motivation to expand. Manish showed us how the Being Human brand is differentiated from other retail brands through its philanthropic activities, its unique style, and its celebrity endorsement. Every aspect of their clothing represents the brand’s core values, which are to promote positive morals such as helping people, being happy, and caring for others. These core values are prominently displayed on the clothing through unique symbols that can be understood universally.

After experiencing the brand first-hand, we developed a greater appreciation for the work that went into creating the brand image and maintaining it among competitors. In a market where counterfeit replication happens easily and is hard to prevent, they are doing an excellent job of preventing their brand image from becoming diluted. This can be seen in the new loss prevention practice that they will be implementing by offering a 20% discount to people who bring in counterfeit clothing.  Overall, we are confident that this company will be successful in the future and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet such a visionary executive.

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