Mumbai Educational Trust By Austen Dilberto & Aliya Zarate

The Cal Poly MBA team met its warmest welcome upon arrival at MET. Many of the students, leaders, and staff took time out of their days to display their smiling faces as we arrived. We were first brought to the top floor to visit the corporate level and board room. There we were greeted by the chairman, Mr. Bhujbal, and his wife and discussed some of the characteristics of the school. MET has some impressive stats and a wide variety of course offerings. Additionally, all of the students and staff were very professional and proud to belong to the MET community. We were all impressed by the number of institutions and offerings fit under one roof along with the school’s reputation. The school itself was unlike any we had seen because it broken up into nine floors of an urban building rather than being spread out across a campus like Cal Poly. Although we weren’t there long enough to get a true sense of the culture, the school seemed to be united. This probably comes naturally simply because everyone is learning and maturing in the same building together.

Later in the visit we gathered in a large room to listen to the BigBazaar presentation. After the presentation we filled up on a generous buffet provided by MET. During this time many of the Cal Poly students broke apart and connected with MET students. During my conversations I found that everyone was interested in the differences between cultures. We spoke about differences in courses, our hometowns, and future intentions. It was refreshing to hear about their big plans and hopes for the future. MET students and Indians in general are a driven group of people. They aren’t going to settle for less if they can get more. India is still very much a developing country, but it was interesting that all of the students I talked to weren’t interested in leaving. They want to travel and visit other countries, but they want to live and work in India. I think this is their way of giving back to build their home country and make it more competitive in the world market. Given the attitude and intelligence of this group of people, I would say that India has a bright future ahead of it.

The highlight of this visit was the cricket game we played on the back driveway. We all had the opportunity to connect with the Indian students and try out something that is important to their culture and patriotism. We all went in expecting to be terrible, but surprisingly we contributed some good hits, bowls, and outs. It was really fun to be a part of the game and the connection we formed with the Indian students felt genuine. Americans and Indians come from vastly different cultures, but it’s easy to instantly work as a team to reach a common goal. The common goal on my team was to win and in the end we prevailed. If there was more time available, I’m sure everyone would have been up for more games, but the sun was setting and it was time to go.

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